Agile Coaching and Project Team Leading — What's the difference?

Reading Time: 1 minute Agile Coaches focuse on Agile practices and orient themself at the Agile Manifesto: (1) people and interactions; (2) delivery working software; (3) customer collaboration; and (4) responding to change. The role of an agile coach is a transitory role not tied into project duration.

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What are Innovation Games? — A short Primer

Reading Time: 1 minute Innovation Games are a set of originally market research oriented, facilitated and directed games. They are focussed, on real-time collaborative games as means of engaging customers and stakeholders. Use them for portfolio management, requirements management and any number of tasks that require innovative thinking, prioritisation, brainstorming and cross-functional collaboration.

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Scaling Technique and Agile Coaching

Reading Time: 3 minutes The use of scaling techniques in coaching forms part of the Solution Focus approach. Using scaling techniques can be a really useful way of helping a coachee assess their progress or their state of satisfaction in relation to their desired outcomes, or clarify their commitment to a way forward.

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