Impact Mapping — How To Use It

Impact mapping is visual mapping technique for product development. Gojko Adzic invented this method to align teams to business objectives, test mutual understanding of goals and expected outcomes with stakeholders, focus teams toward the highest value features to deliver, and enable collaborative decision-making.
An impact map is a visual mind-map, developed collaboratively between business and technical people during a discussion facilitated by answering the fundamental four questions: "Why (Goals)?", "Who (Actors)?", "How (Impacts)?", "What (Deliverables)?"
Impact mapping is highly driven by business improvement and objectives. With SMART goals the development is more likely be stopped at the right time because the deliverables have had — or do not have had — the desired impact.

Team Values, LEGO Serious Play, and Team Charter Canvas

I ran an experiment: introduction to LEGO Serious Play with Team Chartering & Team Charter Canvas as field of application in a 60min workshop. I did the proof of concept with sessions at Agile Cologne 2016 and at #play14.2016 Luxembourg.

Lateral Thinking — How to Boost Your Creativity

When we solve problems, when we ideate new concepts or when we generate new ideas, we generally choose between two different approaches: the vertical and the lateral thinking one. We do this unconsciously. Lateral thinking triggers fresh ideas by changing the frame of reference continuously. In lateral mode, we view a certain subject from different perspectives.

"Black Stories" - Empower Your Creativity with Lateral Thinking

"Black Stories" are a gaming format where the players have to find out what had happened in a certain situation starting with an initial teaser as a hint. They are a perfect example of de Bono's Lateral Thinking. Use them to inspirit your meetings and product development

"Agile Black and White Stories", or What's The Difference between a Sprint and a Penis?

"Agile Black and White Stories" is a card game fostering your lateral thinking. It is a variant of Black Stories game. Your challenge is to identify Agile concepts by asking "Yes"/"No" questions starting from a given funny and tricky hint only.

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