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Project Description

Reading Time: 1 minute
Project ID: 8785

Agile Coaching Tools Development: Agile Game “The Drama Game 2.0"

Time 01/2015
Abstract: Reading Time: 1 minute “The Drama Game” is a Story Telling Game to identify stakeholders behaviours and hidden expectations. Playing the game in retrospectives creates a shared understandings of events and incidents happened in the Product Development Life Cycle.
Duration: 3 months
Role: Developer, Designer

The Drama Game is a storytelling game to identify stakeholders behaviours and hidden expectations.

With the feedback, I got from presenting the game in multiple conferences and open-space sessions, I created a new version of the game by simplifying the storytelling part and the empathy reading.

QM Model applied: feedback by agile community
Size: ---
Industry: Agile Consulting
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