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I support teams in many different industries, .e.g.: Software Development, Automotive, Defense, Telecommunication, Aerospace/Avionics, Pharma, or Air Traffic Management— to name a few only.

In these projects, I used several facilitation techniques like Agile, Games, LEGO Serious Play, or Innovation Games for example.

Professional References
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LEGO Serious Play Workshop — Visioning The Future of After Sales (Automotive)

Facilitating a large group EGO Serious Play workshop: management, team and project leader of the Afte Sales Depart. of a hugh german automotive OEM came together to envision and discuss future trends in "2021". A visioning and brand building workshop with LEGO.

Agile Coaching Tools Development: Agile Game “The Drama Game 2.0"

“The Drama Game” is a Story Telling Game to identify stakeholders behaviours and hidden expectations. Playing the game in retrospectives creates a shared understandings of events and incidents happened in the Product Development Life Cycle.

LEGO Serious Play Workshop: "IT Goverance & PMI certification" — Airline

Faciliating a LEGO Serious Play Workshop "IT Goverance & PMI certification" — Create commitment of 70 project managers to adopt the new organsiational PMI certification program; define next steps to support the implementational program rollout.

Team Building Workshop with Agile Games and LEGO Serious Play

Facilitating a team building workshop with Agile Games and LEGO Serious Play. An agile software company wanted to identify and bolster up the internal power of the devteam members again: "Identify your team power & your power team"

LEGO Serious Play Workshop — Consumer Health Regulary Affairs (Pharma)

Facilitating a LEGO Serious Play Workshop: Consumer Health Regulary Affairs (Pharma). After merging the independent national regulation affairs departments to one global department, the challenge for the employes was to identify new ways of collaboration and to define steps necessary to set up this new mindset.

Agile Coaching Tools Development: Agile Game “Product Owner Challenge"

“Product Owner Challenge” is a agile game with Lego bricks. It supports organisations in transitioning from Waterfall to Agile and illustrates the agile mindset to a waterfall-driven product development culture: stop micro-management and communicate face-to-face clear objectives, requirements, and product vision.

LEGO Serious Play Workshop — Coaching / Team Development (TelCom)

An international Germany-based telecommuncation company asked to foster the togetherness of the devteam. In a LEGO Serious Play workshop the participants identified each others individual goals and desires. From this next-steps were identified needed to implement the next day on the workplace all insights.

Galileo Satellite Project — Leverage CMMI Systems Engineering

A high-innovative R&D project of an european Avionics and Space Company was faced to improve some of their product development processes: Req. Engineering, Project Mgmt, and Quality Mgmt to CMMI Dev.1.2 Level 2. Since the project developed an ionic beam thruster device for the ESA Gallieo Satellite Program, the challenge was to fulfil the objectives of the European Space Agency Standard (ECSS) on the one side and the corporate objectives CMMI L2 on the other side.

Improvement Analysis of Requirements Processes (CMMI L2 REQM)

Inspection of the requirements engineering and management processes of an automotive supplier for potential improvements. Identifying recommendations for improvements on artefacts level ( tracebility within documents/DOORS db) and further potential improvements on process level.

Logistics Service Provider — Leverage IT-Requirements Engineering (CMMI Level 2)

The Germany located IT department of an international Postal and Logistics Service Provider was challenged to pass a CMMI Dev. 1.2 Level 2 appraisal. At the same time the overall IT maintenance and operation processes run according to ITIL 2.0 with quarterly planned release and update cycles.

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