Creativity Techniques

Reading Time: < 1 minute Kreativitätstechniken und Kreativitätsmethoden lassen sich grundsätzlich in intuitive und diskursive Ansätze aufteilen. Intuitive Ansätze liefern in kurzer Zeit sehr viele Ideen. Sie fördern Gedankenassoziationen bei der Suche nach neuen Ideen. Diskursive Ansätze dagegen führen den Prozess der Lösungssuche systematisch und bewusst in einzelnen, logisch fortschreitenden Schritten durch. Dieser Artikel stellt mehr als 20 Kreativitätstechniken und Kreativitätsmethoden vor.

Design Thinking – What it is & Why it Works

Reading Time: 7 minutes Design thinking started as a human-centric framework for problem solving, focusing not on single objects but on systems instead: the single object and it's context of use as well the user. In this sense design is more than look-n-feel. Steve Jobs phrased it in his own extreme consequence: "Design is how it works.". This attitude leads to Design Thinking as modern form of product design.

Ramon Vullings & Marc Heleven: 27 Creativity & Innovation Techniques

Reading Time: < 1 minute 27 Creativity & Innovation Techniques. 27 creativity & innovation tools is an overview of various commonly used techniques in creativity, innovation, research & development processes. All in one-pager. The techniques are grouped by Diverging & Converging techniques, Open & Closed challenges / problems, Products & Services situations, Individual & Group techniques.

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