Drama Babe – Open your Customer’s Drama Stage

Reading Time: 8 minutes Drama Babe – Open your Customer’s Drama Stage. “The Drama Game” is a Story Telling Game for retrospectives. Objective is to analyse conflicts and hidden and hidden expectations for incidents in your product development life cycle or brand development.

POChallenge — Product Owner Challenge Game

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Product Owner Challenge Game is an agile game with Lego bricks. The goal is to illustrate a waterfall-driven product development culture transitioning from Waterfall to Agile the agile mindset: communicate face-to-face clear objectives, requirements, and product vision — a real challenge for a product development department.

Why You Should I Play Innovation Games in Lean Startups?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Short introduction to Innovation Games® and examples of their application in Lean and Lean StartUps: Reduce Waste, Value Stream Mapping, and Minimum Viable Product.

Innovation Games Evening at Agile User Group Rhein-Main, Germany 2012

Reading Time: < 1 minute Innovation Games® (Luke Hohmann) are a set of 13 games of primary market research oriented games. They are focussed, on real-time collaborative games as means of engaging customers and stakeholders to reveal what really matters to them and to get breakthrough ideas. In this games customers have a vital role by playing a set of directed games to give direct feedback about a product or service.

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