CMMI for Acquisition — CMMI-ACQ

Reading Time: 2 minutes CMMI-ACQ is a framework to guide organisations in improving their processes for acquisition. It helps organisations to characterize the maturity of their guidance to acquisition organisations for initiating and managing the acquisition of products and services. The model focuses on acquirer processes and integrates bodies of knowledge that are essential for successful acquisitions. CMMI-ACQ acknowledges the nature of the Acquirer / Supplier relationship and gives the Acquiring party the tools to improve their performance to match that of their supplier. In other words, it allows the Acquirer to match capabilities with their supplier to help assure the success of the relationship.

CMMI — Capability Maturity Model Integration

Reading Time: 15 minutes Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a process improvement approach that provides organisations with the essential elements for effective process improvement in software engineering, organisational change, and organisational development.

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