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How I work

Innovation Games — New Ideas
LEGO Serious Play Workshop
Process Improvement

Services I Provide

  • Coaching & mentoring (agile) skills
  • Supporting business/organisational change development
  • Facilitating innotive and empowering workshop/sessions (Kick-Off, Strategy, Retrospectives,...)
  • Team building (team chartering & kick-off)
  • Organisational process improvement
  • Project support: project management, quality management

 Values I Deliver

  • Commitment by engagging people
  • Results direct useable at the floorshop
  • Alignment to business goals

How I do it

  • I am a coach — not a consultant.
  • I create a conversation, not a presentation.
  • I involve everybody engaged.
  • I stress people provocatively.
  • I run change initiatives with goals and measurements driven by both employee and manager levels.
  • I facilitate workshops to break down barriers and speed communication using LEGO™ Serious Play™, Innovation Games™, and other playful tools (Agile Games).
  • I  roll-out and delivering results directly usable ("Shippable results") incrementally.
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