Strategy-Workshop — Visioning The Future of After Sales (Automotive, LEGO Serious Play)

Reading Time: < 1 minute Facilitating a large group EGO Serious Play workshop: management, team and project leader of the Afte Sales Depart. of a hugh german automotive OEM came together to envision and discuss future trends in "2021". A visioning and brand building workshop with LEGO.

LEGO Serious Play Workshop: "IT Goverance & PMI certification" — Airline

Reading Time: 3 minutes Faciliating a LEGO Serious Play Workshop "IT Goverance & PMI certification" — Create commitment of 70 project managers to adopt the new organsiational PMI certification program; define next steps to support the implementational program rollout.

Team Building Workshop with Agile Games and LEGO Serious Play

Reading Time: 2 minutes Facilitating a team building workshop with Agile Games and LEGO Serious Play. An agile software company wanted to identify and bolster up the internal power of the devteam members again: "Identify your team power & your power team"

LEGO Serious Play Workshop — Consumer Health Regulary Affairs (Pharma)

Reading Time: 2 minutes Facilitating a LEGO Serious Play Workshop: Consumer Health Regulary Affairs (Pharma). After merging the independent national regulation affairs departments to one global department, the challenge for the employes was to identify new ways of collaboration and to define steps necessary to set up this new mindset.

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