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Agile Games

Innovation Games Chaos of Creativity

For most people, games and business work doesn’t seem like a natural pairing.

Agile Games are not only fun stuff. They are serious instruments to solve real business issues in management, product development and team building and other important areas.
The term "agile" is more about delivering the highest business value as possible faster by focusing on people and continuous improvement.


People are most engaged when they have joy doing their work.

Playing is a profoundly powerful tool to achieve business results.

Playing creates a safe space to experiment and to collaborate cheerfully with others.


Agile Games are a set of collaborative workshop formats. They are moderation practice tools to facilitate innovation in the business world. Their focus is on teaching, demonstrating, or improving workplace behaviour and organisational effectiveness.
The "players", i.e. the workshop participants, are ideally cross-functional, if possible, including customers. Everyone works together to discover, create, verify, and document pre-agreed issues.

Agile Games touch people at their emotions directly. More than all the best pleas to rational arguments


Games empower Employees and Teams


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