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Agile Coaching

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(Agile) Coaching is one of the new buzzwords in recent software development. But, what is Agile Coaching really?

For me, the answer is straight forward: I'am solution focused!

To put it short:

  • wider sense — I empower people! — To empower people, I focus more on solutions, than on problems: The agility of small steps shows great impact. — This holds for small environments (teams) as well as for large ones (organisational change/design).
  • broader sense — I empower people to become more self-sustained, to work more happily and with better quality, and efficiency.
  • narrow sense — I empower people working in agile software development.

Agile Coaches “watch the process as a whole and call the team’s attention to impending problems or opportunities for improvement.” (Kent Beck).

Big waves

As being an Agile Coach I more empower people than telling them how to be agile. Agile coaching is about asking powerful insightful questions rather than giving all the answers and directions.

Coaching is focused on the particular person or group being coached, and also on the goals ahead, which are specific to the individual or group. Coaching is a more continuous activity than training.

Mentoring is a one-to-one endeavor: mentor and mentee. It is not so much about putting knowledge into a person as it is about nurturing talent from within. Mentoring is very like guiding the mentee to uncover the best of her individual talents.

To be a successful coach, I coach people and teams, I coach value-focus, and commitments — I do not coach certain techniques.


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