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Self-Facilitation Card Deck

Main Takeaways
Reading Time: 2 minutes Use these 3 cards to ask in a meeting for a break, to end discussion of endless topics, or to stop digressing or starting violating issues.

Self-Facilitation Card "One"

“One Minute” Card

You raise this card when you feel the current conversation — or the current speaker — should come to an end within one minute.

Self-Facilitation Card "Break"

“Pause”  Card

You raise this card when you need a (short) break, a cup of coffee, a breath of fresh air, or you think the current speaker should shut up within a minute 😉

It's not necessary to state a reason — it is enough, you want the break!

Self-Facilitation Card "NiceTry"

“Nice Try” Card

Do you know the moment when you think "Ahhh, it's his/her best intention, BUT..."

This is not in the sense of "Stop within a minute - we covered this already/ doesn't belong to our topic." It's more, recognizing a toxic situation - a confrontation: "If you proceed, I will feel offended/ blamed/ ashamed..."

Raise this card when you want to prevent running into toxic situations.


Ari-Pekka Lappi of Flowa shared this and more meeting hacks at Play4Agile some years ago. Thank you very much, Ari!

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