Project Description

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Steering Driver Assistance System — Leveraging SPiCE Level 2

Time 02/2004
Duration: 02/2004 — 11/2005
Role: ISO 15504 process improvement consultancy; contact to upper management and corporate-level quality assurance department; coaching of project team members and PM.
Abstract: Reading Time: 2 minutes Leveraging a development project for a steering driver assistance system to ISO 15504 (SPiCE) Level 2.

General Overview

An international Germany-based automotive OEM decided according to corporate guidelines and IT-goverance regulations to take all corporate-belonging component development plants as "suppliers".

To assure a high product quality the corporate quality assurance department asked the corporate-belonging facility developing a steering driver assistance system to improve their SW- and HW development processes in respect to achieve ISO 15504 (SPiCE) Level 2 within a year.


Challenges when starting:

  • At the begining there did not exist any distinctive SW development processes. Even though, the process maturity had to be leveraged to level 2.
  • The process model to be implemented had to incorporate at the same time SW- and HW-development processes satisfying ISO 15504 Level 2 objectives.
    In detail: Project Management & Control, Quality Management & Assurance, Configuration Management, Requirements Management, SW Design/Implementation, Testing.
  • According to corporate guidelines all external suppliers and sub-contractors of the project had to be leveraged to SPiCE Level 1 at the same time.

Resulting Approach

To face these challenges, I implemented with all the project team members

  • A process model with iterations, identified phases and synchronisation points/gateways to support SW and HW development activities running in paralell.
  • A light-weight, flexible project internal change control process to estimate change efforts and to accept/reject change requests.
  • Tool-supported (Telelogic CM Synergy) configuration management for SW and HW development.
  • Automatic code generation from Mathlab-Simulink models to C code.
  • A light-weight review process with quality gates, acceptance criteria, and check lists to assure project internal quality for all project artefacts: documents, MathLab-Simulink models, and generated C code.
Industry: Automotive, OEM
QM model applied: ISO 15504 (SPiCE)
Size: 100 ppls: project, supplier, sub-contractors, and OEM corporate.

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