Scrum Master/Agile Coach in an international Fortune 500 Food Retail Company.

Reading Time: 2 minutes The client runs the technical IT Department for an international food retail company serving the procurement, sales, and logistics of all the supermarket shops in the EU. As Scrum Master/Agile coach, I was in charge of coaching and supporting two Scrum teams (9 respectively 16 people) in agile mindset and agile setup (Scrum, Kanban, or ScrumBan). This included: hosting and facilitating the Scrum events, coaching the team in Scrum (Scrum Guide 2020), agile estimation, user story slicing, etc. As part of the internal Coaching community (a pool of ca. 70 coaches), I collaborated with other teams and coaches as well.

Scrum Master in Automotive Driver Assistance Systems Development

Reading Time: < 1 minute Scrum Master in automotive driver assistance systems development. As a Scrum Master, I was in charge of coaching and supporting the scrum team (8 people, product owner included) in the agile mindset and Scrum setup. This included: hosting and facilitating the Scrum ceremonies, coaching the team in Scrum (Scrum Guide 2017), agile estimation, user story slicing, etc. As part of the Scrum Master team (4 SM), I coached also management and the organisation in pacing the agile transition.

Executive Management Coaching in Software Process Improvement and Lean/Agile Principles

Reading Time: < 1 minute Executive management coaching (head, upper, and middle management of SW department) and agile coaching on team level (2 feature teams, 2 traditional teams). Introducing agile mind-set and tools: system thinking, design thinking, value stream mapping, agile and lean SW development, agile values, Kanban, Scrum, introducing Lean Change Management.

Levering Automotive Suppliers SQA Processes (ASPICE)

Reading Time: < 1 minute Levering SW QA Processes of an automotive supplier to Automotive SPICE Level 2. I was in charge of leveraging the SW Quality Assurance processes (SUP.1) to Automotive SPICE Level 2, especially with the focus on software quality. A challenging objective: while in many areas of Automotive, SW development is a decent part of embedded systems development, it is relatively new for gears and transmission production.

Process & Safety Management — SW-Development Air Traffic Management

Reading Time: 2 minutes Implementing a DO-178B, DO-178C/ED-12C compliant SW development process model for air traffic management systems development. Coaching the developers, facilitating, moderating, and documenting SW safety workshops.

Galileo Satellite Project — Leverage CMMI Systems Engineering

Reading Time: < 1 minute A high-innovative R&D project of a European Avionics and Space Company was faced to improve some of their product development processes to CMMI Dev.1.2 Level 2: Req. Engineering, Project Mgmt, and Quality Mgmt. Since the project developed an ionic beam thruster device for the ESA Galileo Satellite Program, the challenge was to fulfill the objectives of the European Space Agency Standard (ECSS) on the one side and the corporate objectives CMMI L2 on the other side.

Business Development: Organisational Change Management (OCM) consultancy

Reading Time: < 1 minute Establishing the new business field Organisational Change Management (OCM) I was the subject matter expert in charge to develop OCM consultancy skill competencies, internal and external training classes, and setting up a toolbox of methods and tools supporting OCM consultancy.

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