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Scrum Master/Agile Coach in an international Fortune 500 Food Retail Company.

Time 07/2021-4/2022
Abstract: Reading Time: 2 minutes The client runs the technical IT Department for an international food retail company serving the procurement, sales, and logistics of all the supermarket shops in the EU. As Scrum Master/Agile coach, I was in charge of coaching and supporting two Scrum teams (9 respectively 16 people) in agile mindset and agile setup (Scrum, Kanban, or ScrumBan). This included: hosting and facilitating the Scrum events, coaching the team in Scrum (Scrum Guide 2020), agile estimation, user story slicing, etc. As part of the internal Coaching community (a pool of ca. 70 coaches), I collaborated with other teams and coaches as well.
Duration: 07/2021-4/2022
Role: Scrum Master/agile coach in SAP and heterogeneous IT environments (2 scrum teams).
Description: In 2016 the client started the agile transition of the complete IT department (ca. 160 teams/360 people, so-called "products"). They ramped up a community of 70 internal team coaches, blending the scrum master and agile coach roles into one role description.

In 2020 I joined the client's team coach community as a freelancer and worked with two teams in parallel.
  • Team A, (16 ppl.) was in charge of maintaining daily support requests, and strategic development of the IT infrastructure for seasonal merchandising activities (eg. special Xmas sales, or summer sales), and hit-and-run merchandising: planning, procurement, sales, and logistics/shipping to the markets. The team was in charge of daily support issues as well of a mix of several IT platforms, technologies, and self-build systems:
    • Apache HTTPD
    • Apache Tomcat
    • Bootstrap
    • CAD
    • Cobol
    • IBM DB2 z/OS
    • IBM z/OS
    • JavaScript
    • JBoss AS
    • JBoss EAP
    • JBoss Keycloak
    • jQuery
    • Knockout.js
    • MapR
    • MS.NET
    • MS IIS
    • MS Internet Explorer
    • MS SharePoint
    • MS SQL Integration
    • MS SQL Reporting
    • MS SQL Server
    • MS Windows
    • MS Windows Server
    • Node.js
    • Oracle Database
    • Oracle Java
    • OSIS
    • Sequelize


  • Team B, (9 ppl.) was in charge of maintaining daily support requests, and strategic development of services in
    • SAP P15
    • SAP Hana
    • SAP Fiori
    • SAP cloud

needed to process transactions to fulfill procurement, planning, sales, and logistics of a very volatile product segment: fresh goods like fruits, flowers, bread, meat, etc. Here procurement, shipping, and selling must be as fast as possible due to the product's decay. This involved fast changes and roll-outs of the IT infrastructure involved. A further challenge was to show cloud-native readiness to move the hosted SAP P15 system into the cloud.

QM Model applied: Scrum, Kanban.
Size: Two scrum teams (9, and 16 ppl. each; and being part of a 70 ppl great team coach community).
Industry: (food) retail, supermarket.

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