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Scrum Master in Automotive Driver Assistance Systems Development

Time 07/2019 - 12/2019
Abstract: Reading Time: < 1 minute Scrum Master in automotive driver assistance systems development. Supporting and coaching a DevTeam with Product Owner in Scrum, agile ceremonies.
Duration: 07/2019- 12/2019
Role: Scrum Master in automotive driver assistance systems development

In 2018, an international Fortune 500 electronic device manufacturer launched a kind of innovation lab in a lean startup manner to enter the automotive market. Several scrum teams developed in the ADAS framework driver assistance systems like lane keeping & departure warning, and automatic emergency braking. Each team had its own Scrum Master.

As a Scrum Master, I was in charge to develop and support a scrum team of 8 people (product owner included) in the agile mindset and Scrum setup. This included: hosting and facilitating the Scrum ceremonies, coaching the developers and the team in Scrum (according to the Scrum guide), Agile estimation, user story slicing) and pacing in the agile transition. The team's experience in  Agile and Scrum was heterogeneous: some team members had already worked in an agile environment, others not.

Industry: Automotive, supplier
QM-Model applied:  Scrum (Agile), Automotive SPiCE
Size: 60 developers, I worked with an agile team of 8 developers and systems engineer (requirement analysis)

: Volkswagen AG, Youtube Driver Assistance Systems: Part 3, .