Scrum Master in Automotive Driver Assistance Systems Development

Reading Time: < 1 minute Scrum Master in automotive driver assistance systems development. As a Scrum Master, I was in charge of coaching and supporting the scrum team (8 people, product owner included) in the agile mindset and Scrum setup. This included: hosting and facilitating the Scrum ceremonies, coaching the team in Scrum (Scrum Guide 2017), agile estimation, user story slicing, etc. As part of the Scrum Master team (4 SM), I coached also management and the organisation in pacing the agile transition.

Executive Management Coaching in Software Process Improvement and Lean/Agile Principles

Reading Time: < 1 minute Executive management coaching (head, upper, and middle management of SW department) and agile coaching on team level (2 feature teams, 2 traditional teams). Introducing agile mind-set and tools: system thinking, design thinking, value stream mapping, agile and lean SW development, agile values, Kanban, Scrum, introducing Lean Change Management.

Product Development / Strategy-Workshop — Visioning The Future of After Sales (Automotive)

Reading Time: < 1 minute For the After Sales Department of a German DAX500 automotive OEM, I designed and facilitated in 2016 a large group strategy workshop. Management, team, and project leader came together to envision future trends in "After Sale 2021". A visioning and brand building workshop with LEGO Serious Play.

Agile Coaching Tools Development: Agile Game “Product Owner Challenge" 2.0

Reading Time: < 1 minute "Product Owner Challenge" is an agile game played with Lego bricks I developed to demonstrate a waterfall-driven product development the agile mindset. Version 2.0 introduces agile sprint planning and user stories to the game.

Agile Coaching Tools Development: Agile Game “The Drama Game" 2.0

Reading Time: < 1 minute “The Drama Game” is a Story Telling Game to identify stakeholders' behaviours and hidden expectations. Playing the game in retrospectives creates a shared understanding of events and incidents that happened in the Product Development Life Cycle.

Strategy Workshop "IT Governance & PMI certification" (Airline)

Reading Time: 3 minutes For the department "IT Project Management Office" of a German DAX500 airline, I designed and facilitated a strategy workshop "IT Governance & PMI certification" for 70 IT project managers. The aim of the workshop was to identify ways of creating commitment to adopt the new organsiational PMI certification program, and to define next steps to support the implementational PMI program rollout. A visioning and brand building workshop with LEGO Serious Play.

Team Building Workshop (Agile SW Dev)

Reading Time: 2 minutes For an agile software company, I designed and facilitated an internal team-building workshop to bolster up the internal power of the dev team members again: "Identify your own team power & your power team". A visioning and brand building workshop with LEGO Serious Play.

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