Executive Management Coaching in Software Process Improvement and Lean/Agile Principles

Reading Time: < 1 minute Executive management coach (head, upper, and middle management of SW department) and agile coach on teeam level (2 feature teams, 2 traditional teams). Introducing new methods and tools: system thinking, design thinking, value strem mapping, agile and lean SW development, agile values, Kanban, Scrum,

Strategy-Workshop — Visioning The Future of After Sales (Automotive, LEGO Serious Play)

Reading Time: < 1 minute Facilitating a large group EGO Serious Play workshop: management, team and project leader of the Afte Sales Depart. of a hugh german automotive OEM came together to envision and discuss future trends in "2021". A visioning and brand building workshop with LEGO.

Agile Coaching Tools Development: Agile Game “The Drama Game 2.0"

Reading Time: < 1 minute “The Drama Game” is a Story Telling Game to identify stakeholders behaviours and hidden expectations. Playing the game in retrospectives creates a shared understandings of events and incidents happened in the Product Development Life Cycle.

LEGO Serious Play Workshop: "IT Goverance & PMI certification" — Airline

Reading Time: 3 minutes Faciliating a LEGO Serious Play Workshop "IT Goverance & PMI certification" — Create commitment of 70 project managers to adopt the new organsiational PMI certification program; define next steps to support the implementational program rollout.

Team Building Workshop with Agile Games and LEGO Serious Play

Reading Time: 2 minutes Facilitating a team building workshop with Agile Games and LEGO Serious Play. An agile software company wanted to identify and bolster up the internal power of the devteam members again: "Identify your team power & your power team"

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