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Improvement Analysis of Requirements Processes (CMMI L2 REQM)

Abstract: Reading Time: < 1 minute Inspection of the requirements engineering and management processes of an automotive supplier for potential improvements. Identifying recommendations for improvements on artefacts level ( traceability within documents/DOORS) and on process level by adopting Scrum.
Time 05/2006
Duration: 05/2006
Role: Consultancy

An international automotive supplier asked to inspect their systems requirements engineering and management processes of their climate control systems development branch. They struggled with handling the internationalisation of their products to the national/international needs of their customers (different OEMs).

Objects under inspection were: requirements and design documentation, content and structure of the DOORS database, and working procedures, resp. process descriptions.

The CMMI Dev.1.2 process areas requirements management and engineering (REQM, RD), level 2, were chosen as a reference model. 

My responsibility as a CMMI consultant was to identify potential improvements for the documentation and work item artefacts as well as for the SW development processes to ensure better traceability within documents, DOORS, and SW implementation.

The final management presentation showed minor improvements on artefact level but major improvement possibilities in adopting Scrum as a new SW development framework.

Industry: Automotive, supplier
QM-Model applied: CMMI Dev.1.2 (REQM, RD), Scrum
Size: 10 ppls (dev team)

: Patrick Herbert, via, .