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Galileo Satellite Project — Leverage CMMI Systems Engineering

Time 03/2018
Duration: 03/2008 - 08/2009
Role: CMMI Dev. 1.2 consultancy; contact person on department and executive level for CMMI improvement activities.
Abstract: Reading Time: < 1 minute A high-innovative R&D project of an european Avionics and Space Company was faced to improve some of their product development processes: Req. Engineering, Project Mgmt, and Quality Mgmt to CMMI Dev.1.2 Level 2. Since the project developed an ionic beam thruster device for the ESA Gallieo Satellite Program, the challenge was to fulfil the objectives of the European Space Agency Standard (ECSS) on the one side and the corporate objectives CMMI L2 on the other side.
Description: The german R&D facility of a european Avionics and Space Company developed for the ESA Galileo Satellite Program the satellite ionic beam thruster.
This high-innovative product development project was challenged to satisfy two different process frameworks:

  • the management on corporate level asked for CMMI Dev. 1.2 Level2 readiness of Req. Eng. (REQM, RD), Project (PM) and Quality Management (PPQA);
  • on customer level (ESA) the embedded system development had to be compliant with the international certification standards (ECSS) for embedded system space readiness.

My assignment therefore was

  • to perform a delta analysis of both frameworks;
  • to map the ECSS needs to the preparation for CMMI Dev. 1.2 Level2 readiness;
  • to design, implement, and rollout ECSS-compliant CMMI Dev. 1.2 Level2 processes (artefacts, activities, and roles);
  • to coach and train the team members in these activities.
Industry: Aerospace
Size: 30 ppl.
QM Model applied: CMMI Dev. 1.2 L2,
ECSS (European Space Agency Standard)

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