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Agile Coach / Scrum Master (Automotive)

Time 03/2023
Abstract: Reading Time: < 1 minute A Fortune500 automotive OEM implements for a new ECU development project a mix of LeSS and SAFe practices as an agile working model. At the team level, I supported as Scrum Master a CI/Build pipeline team. At the project level, I was part of the projects Scrum Master community supporting the adaption of the framework.
Duration: tbd
Role: Agile Coach / Scrum Master
Description: A Fortune 500 automotive supplier started 3 years ago an agile transition for software development in multiple projects and departments. In March 2023 I joined the department for chassis development. As Scrum Master, I worked with a team responsible with other teams on a project for rear-wheel steering. As Agile Coach I supported the department management in setting up agile processes. Since the summer of 2023, I have supported as an Agile Coach the project management of a new project for wireless front wheel steering in the Agile setup.
QM Model applied: Automotive SPICE, LeSS
Size: Team size: 23 ppl. | Project size: 14 areas,   ≈ 80 ppl.
Industry: Automotive

: christiangafenesch via Pixabay, .