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Executive Management Coaching in Software Process Improvement and Lean/Agile Principles

Time 02/2017 - 12/2018
Abstract: Reading Time: < 1 minute Executive management coaching (head, upper, and middle management of SW department) and agile coaching on team level (2 feature teams, 2 traditional teams). Introducing agile mind-set and tools: system thinking, design thinking, value stream mapping, agile and lean SW development, agile values, Kanban, Scrum, introducing Lean Change Management.
Duration: 02/2017 - 12/2018
Role: Executive Management Coach, Lean Change Agent, Agile Coach

An international automotive supplier, the market leader in gears and transmission development, asked for support to improve the SW development processes and project collaboration regarding to Lean and Agile aspects.

After a value stream analysis, my mandate became clear: working as an executive coach with the upper and middle management of SW department (coaching 12 managers); coaching on team level 4 dev teams (up to 20 employees).

I introduced agile thinking and value thinking (Scrum, Kanban), system thinking, and design thinking as a problem-solving method into the SW department.

I  facilitated value stream workshops on department level. With 2 new teams, the client started cross-functional feature teams - my role was coaching team members, product owners, and team lead management.

In 2018 we started an improvement initiative as a continuously running lean change management program on the SW department level (approx. 260 people). My role was to be a sparrings partner for the management to discuss the transition activities and to facilitate all workshops.

Industry: Automotive, supplier
QM-Model applied:  Lean and Lean Change Management, Agile (Scrum), Automotive SPiCE
Size: ≥260 employees in SW projects (development, testing, calibration, product development)

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