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Levering Automotive Suppliers SQA Processes

Time 05/2016 - 12/2016
Abstract: Reading Time: < 1 minute Levering Automotive Suppliers QA Processes to Automotive SPICE Level 2.
Duration: 05/2016 - 12/2016
Role: Automotive SPICE consultant, SW Quality Engineer

An international automotive supplier, market leader in gears and transmission development, asked for support to rise an important embedded systems development project to Automotive SPICE Level 2.

An internal coaching group was already established to support the project in the process areas project management (MAN.3), systems and software development (ENG.1 - ENG.10), configuration management (SUP,8), and problem resolution (SUP.9).

I was in charge leveraging the quality assurance processes (SUP.1) to Automotive SPICE Level 2, especially with focus to software quality.

A challenging objective: while in other automotive areas software development now is a decent part of embedded systems development activities, it is relatively new for gears and transmission production.

Industry: Automotive, supplier
QM-Model applied: Automotive SPiCE
Size: ≤ 10 employees in QA group; 50 developers, testers, and architects in SW group

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