Scrum Master in Automotive Driver Assistance Systems Development

Reading Time: < 1 minute Scrum Master in automotive driver assistance systems development. As a Scrum Master, I was in charge of coaching and supporting the scrum team (8 people, product owner included) in the agile mindset and Scrum setup. This included: hosting and facilitating the Scrum ceremonies, coaching the team in Scrum (Scrum Guide 2017), agile estimation, user story slicing, etc. As part of the Scrum Master team (4 SM), I coached also management and the organisation in pacing the agile transition.

Executive Management Coaching in Software Process Improvement and Lean/Agile Principles

Reading Time: < 1 minute Executive management coaching (head, upper, and middle management of SW department) and agile coaching on team level (2 feature teams, 2 traditional teams). Introducing agile mind-set and tools: system thinking, design thinking, value stream mapping, agile and lean SW development, agile values, Kanban, Scrum, introducing Lean Change Management.

Levering Automotive Suppliers SQA Processes (ASPICE)

Reading Time: < 1 minute Levering SW QA Processes of an automotive supplier to Automotive SPICE Level 2. I was in charge of leveraging the SW Quality Assurance processes (SUP.1) to Automotive SPICE Level 2, especially with the focus on software quality. A challenging objective: while in many areas of Automotive, SW development is a decent part of embedded systems development, it is relatively new for gears and transmission production.

Railway Ticket Marketing System - SW Quality Management & Assurance

Reading Time: < 1 minute Supporting IT development projects in the business area of Railway Ticketing Marketing System with operational QM/QA activities. Evaluating potential improvements on CEO-level. Sub-project of the master project "CIO Corporate Staff Unit SW Quality Assurance Railway".

Establishing Staff Unit "CIO Corporate Staff Unit SW Quality Assurance Railway" (Railway, Logistics)

Reading Time: < 1 minute Establishing a staff unit "Quality Assurance" on the CEO level to start quality management and to monitor activities in all IT projects (in-house as well as contracted ones). — Master-Project "CIO Corporate Staff Unit SW Quality Assurance Railway"

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