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Logistics Service Provider — Leverage IT-Requirements Engineering (CMMI Level 2)

Time 02/2006 - 12/2007
Duration: 02/2006 - 12/2007
Abstract: Reading Time: < 1 minute Implementing CMMI Dev. 1.2 Level 2 requirement management/engineering (REQM, RD) improvements for an internationally operating Postal and Logistics Service Provider. Integrating the improvements activities with corporate ITIL release management procedures.
Role: CMMI Dev. 1.2 consultancy; contact person on department and executive level for CMMI improvement activities, and team lead of the external consultants.

The German IT department of an internationally operating Postal and Logistics Service Provider was challenged to pass a CMMI Dev. 1.2 Level 2 appraisal. IT maintenance, operations, service, and release management run according to ITIL 2.0.

A subdivision was responsible to manage all IT system changes and to distribute finally the changes national-wide to the agency bureaus and offices. They coordinated change requests for the different IT systems with the teams responsible for the appropriate IT system (they did all the SW design and implementation activities) on the one side and with the ITIL release management on the other side. The subdivision's working procedures were like order management. Their employees accepted or rejected change orders from the several business divisions or stakeholders, prioritized them, and assigned them to the IT systems teams who fulfilled the change orders.

As CMMI consultant I was in charge to change the employee's mindset from order-management to CMMI-like being actively involved in driving and tracking requirement management and engineering.

QM Model applied: CMMI dev. 1.2 Level 2, REQM, RD, ITIL 2.0
  • 20 ppl in the requirements managing team (subdivision Req.Mgt);
  • 50 ppl in several IT dev teams and interfaces to the ITIL release management;
  • additional external consultants,
  • other stakeholders (contacts to upper management and a coevally running organisational change initiative).
Industry: Logistics Service Provider

: Deutsche Post DHL, via, .