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Establishing Staff Unit "Quality Assurance" on Corporate Level (Finance)

Time 02/1999 - 05/2001
Abstract: Reading Time: < 1 minute Master-Project "CIO Corporate Staff Unit SW Quality Assurance Credit Card Issuing" — Defining the operational structure and establishing a staff unit "Quality Assurance" on a CIO level to start SW quality management and monitoring activities in all IT projects.
Duration: 02/1999 - 05/2001
Role: Consultant, Coach

As a consequence of Y2 K's issue, a credit card issuer established a staff unit "Quality Assurance" on the CIO level.

The objectives were to ensure Y2K readiness and assess Y2K effectiveness in the first run and to support IT changes and development in SW quality management in the future.

In detail we

  • defined a quality management process framework as a best of the breed of V-model, Bootstrap (ISO 15504), and CMM;
  • we established the operational structuring and quality management/assurance processes for QM activities in IT projects;
  • trained and coached internal employees to act as quality managers in IT projects operationally;
  • we supervised QM activities in the IT projects;
  • we designed tools: templates, quality criteria, and checklists to be used in the projects.
QM Model applied: Best breed of V-Model, Bootstrap (ISO 15504), CMM
Size: 250 ppl.
Industry: Finance

: Sean MacEntee, via, .