Communicate Your Reaction Scheme of Decision-Making

Reading Time: 5 minutes Scrum-Land is a harsh and barren habitat to live in. It is difficult to enter Scrum-Land. And if we stay in Scrum-Land, we always have to inspect, how to make our living more comfortable and easier. However, there are some guidelines to make life easier.

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The Cynefin Framework

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Cynefin Framework, created by Dave Snowden is a framework for sensemaking when finding decisions. It draws on research into systems theory, Complexity theory, network theory and learning theories. It helps to identify how we perceive situations and make sense of our own and other people's behaviour.

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Stacey Matrix

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ralph Douglas Stacey, professor of management theory at Hertfordshire Business School, UK, invented the so-called Stacey-Matrix. In its original form, the Stacey-Matrix deals with decision-making in complex organizations. Today, the Stacey-Matrix is often combined with the Cynefin framework.

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