Happiness Hacking 1 – Tools To Track Happiness On Project And Team Level

Reading Time: < 1 minute There are several tools available to facilitate, measure and visualize happiness on the project and team level.

Tools To Show Your Appreciation

Reading Time: < 1 minute There are several tools available to give or facilitate appreciation. The range spans from techniques to moderate or facilitate workshops, to online services and physical objects to show recognition at the business place.

Six Rules To Give Rewards

Reading Time: 2 minutes In most organisations, recognition and financial reward go one for the other. This approach misses the point of recognition: people are motivated by more than money. Six rules by With Jurgen Appelo to give rewards and to increase people’s performance and enjoyment.

Give Your Colleagues Their Daily Dose Of Appreciation — Bonus, Rewards, and Feedback

Reading Time: 6 minutes Everybody becomes happy when getting a "Thank you", or be rewarded and be encouraged by a job well done. In the 21.th century business world financial bonus systems do not work anymore to motivate people properly. Instead, by following a few simple rules, you can reward and recognise employees effectively.

Appreciation Cards, Kudo Wall And Kudo Box

Reading Time: 3 minutes Appreciation Cards – Kudo Cards – are written and public recognition of a colleague for something he or she has contributed to the team. But it’s the recognition of valued work, not financial incentives, that encourages intrinsic motivation within an organisation.

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How to Communicate Best In Times of Stress

Reading Time: 2 minutes It needs calm and patient to keep the head clear and not compound the worse situation by improper body language, loud and angry voice. You better solve the problems by connecting, listening, inspiring your co-workers. Stay cool and build confidence and cohesion in your team.

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