Team Morale — It's Traits and Secrets

Reading Time: 4 minutes Good morale means employee and teams are productive, collaborate better, and feel more satisfied by their work. If people feel good about their team, they’ll work seamlessly towards a common goal. High team morale is one of the essential building blocks of high performing teams.

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Mission, Vision, etc — What is the Difference?

Reading Time: 6 minutes A vision is stable and is part of the company identity. The vision is the Enterprise's “North Star”, and it should guide each and every decision your company makes. The vision is the embodiment of the brand and the reason the company exists. You pitch the vision.
The mission is the strategy to carry out your vision. The mission should change — whether due to customer feedback, learning from experiments, market forces, etc. However, the vision can not change. If it does, that's not a "pivot" — that's a new company!
Always align your product ("what") to your "why" — Start with the "why"

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