Scrum Trainings with LEGO

Reading Time: < 1 minute Agilists and Scrum evangelists love funny and playful exercises. They are especial in love with LEGO bricks. Here are 3 LEGO sessions for scrum training: LEGO City Scrum, EGO Airport Scrum and Continuous Integration with LEGO. But do not mix it up with LEGO® Serious Play.

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Agile Coaching and Project Team Leading — What's the difference?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Agile Coaches focuse on Agile practices and orient themself at the Agile Manifesto: (1) people and interactions; (2) delivery working software; (3) customer collaboration; and (4) responding to change. The role of an agile coach is a transitory role not tied into project duration.

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Drama babe! – "Theatre Stage Experience for Agilists" at Annual Conference Agile Consortium NL 2014

Reading Time: 2 minutes Broad toolbox of communication skills: workshop held at #WTTW, Annual Conference Agile Consortium NL, Ermelo NL, Sept.2014.

Agile Game "The Drama Game" at ACCDE14

Reading Time: < 1 minute Workshop "The Drama Game" at Agile Coach Camp, Germany #ACCDE14, 06/2014. “The Drama Game” is a Story Telling Game for retrospectives. Objective is to analyse conflicts and hidden and hidden expectations for incidents in your product development life cycle or brand development.

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