Culture Hacking — The Essentials

Reading Time: 7 minutes Culture hacking at its best is about creating organisational or team cultures that enable people and teams to achieve greatness. A culture hack is a small change exploiting a single area where your culture is vulnerable to change. Hacks are small, emotional, immediate changes having big impacts. They are not quick fixes for "cultural deficiencies". It’s more about focusing on small things more frequently rather than only trying to tackle and change the big things.
Culture Hacking is a cornerstone of the startup scene and lean change management.

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Nudging – The Ideas Behind It

Reading Time: 6 minutes Nudging is a concept in behavioral science, political theory, and behavioral economics. The basic concept of “Nudging” is that a relatively subtle policy shift – the “nudge” – encourages people to make decisions that are in their broader self-interest. A nudge makes it more likely that an individual will make a particular choice, or behave in a particular way, by altering the environment so that automatic cognitive processes are triggered to favour the desired outcome.

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