Team Values, LEGO Serious Play, and Team Charter Canvas

Reading Time: 6 minutes I ran an experiment: introduction to LEGO Serious Play with Team Chartering & Team Charter Canvas as field of application in a 60min workshop. I did the proof of concept with sessions at Agile Cologne 2016 and at #play14.2016 Luxembourg.

Norms & Values — Why Team Building is Complex & How To Simplify It

Reading Time: 7 minutes It's often claimed that teams are a community of people with equal values. That's not true. Team members might have a common normative structure to behave equally. However, these norms are based on values to which each team member may connect not equally with individual strength. To build teams on this chiasm is quite a challenge.

Team Charter Canvas — How to Onboard Your Team Best

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Team Charter Canvas I developed is a tool to reflect in depth on team chartering, teamwork and team culture, and team cohesion. It builds upon team values and goals: Mission, People & Roles, Scope, Common Goals, Values, Norms, and Fun Events. The Team Prime Directive summarises the team charter.

Team Canvas — How to Create Your Team

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Team Canvas is a variant of the Business Model Canvas. Alex Ivanov and Mitya Voloshchuk created it as a tool to reflect about teamwork and team culture. The canvas builds upon team values and goals: People & Roles, Common Goals, Personal Goals, Purpose, Values, Strength & Assets, Weakness & Risks, Needs & Expectations, Rules & Activities.

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Canvas Modeling — What is it?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Canvas Models are visual one-page overviews that lay out both what you do (or want to do), and how you go about doing it. They enable structured conversations around management and strategy by laying out the crucial activities and challenges involved with your initiative and how they relate to each other.

Team Trust Canvas — How to Create Trust in Your Team

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Team Trust Canvas is a variant of the Business Model Canvas. Alexey Pikulev created it as a tool to reflect about trust in teams and team culture. Trust is quantifiable and brings dramatic results to businesses and leaders. The canvas builds upon team values and goals: Clarity, Connection, Compassion, Value, Competency, Commitment, Contribution, Consistency. Alexey Pikulev developed the canvas in line with David Horsager's 8 Pillars of Trust.

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Lean Change Canvas — How to Deliver Change Best

Reading Time: 8 minutes Lean Change Canvas combines Lean Stack thinking with Kotter's 8 Leading Steps for Change. It's a tool to realise organisational change fast and effectively by continuously proving small, minimum viable change increments with measurable experiments.

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20 Success Factors Of Organisational Change

Reading Time: 7 minutes You can not change the culture of your business or organisation. In organisational change initiatives, you are confronted with Resistance, Fear, Loss of Trust, No-Commitment, Resignation. However, there are some factors how to influence the success of organisational change initiatives.

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