Product Development: Keep it Simple!

Reading Time: 5 minutes Modern Product Development is complex by nature. You can't simplify everything. Complexity can be beautiful. Nevertheless, the decision to make the product as simple as possible and stripping it down is sometimes the better option.

Scrum is a Framework For Product Discovery AND Delivery

Reading Time: 3 minutes Doing Scrum with a value-driven mindset combines both: product discovery and product delivery. First, we start with an idea or problem solution (MVP). Then we refine and sharpened this idea continuously by demoing and discussing with the customer till together we agree on the best-suited product solution for the intended usage.

Facettes of Business Value

Reading Time: 4 minutes The notion of Business Value has multiple facets. Commercial Value is the functionality or work that translates into profit directly. Market Value increases the potential number of customers. Efficiency Value increases organizational efficiency and thereby decreases operating costs. Future Value increases the chances of more easily achieving one of the above values in the (near) future by investing in innovation and learning now. Business Value is an informal term that includes all forms of value that determine the health and well-being of the firm in the long run.

The Scrum-Land Survival Guide — How To Survive In Scrum-Land

Reading Time: 15 minutes Scrum-Land is a harsh and barren habitat to live in. It is difficult to enter Scrum-Land. And if we stay in Scrum-Land, we always have to inspect, how to make our living more comfortable and easier. However, there are some guidelines to make life easier.

Products and Their Usefulness

Reading Time: 4 minutes When you ask Teams or Product Owners the question "What is your Product?" they often first answer with a list of functions and features. In the second attempt, then they describe the purpose from the view of the engineers and designers, and how they intend it. Very seldom does the customer occur.

How To Manage Dependencies

Reading Time: 7 minutes Software Project Management is managing all kinds of Dependencies. We have to deal with Technical Dependencies due to the SW tools we use and the product architecture decisions we agreed to. And we have to deal with non-Technical Dependencies caused by workflow and team dependencies due to the organizational work model and the design of our organization.

Who Benefits From Product Value In Scrum?

Reading Time: 5 minutes If you dive into Agile Product Development, resp. in Agile Software Development you get into a lot of new and abstract terms. One of the most blurred and therefore most fascinating ones is "Value" resp. "Product Value". However, the Scrum Guide 2020 is keeping very quiet about an explanation. In this post I argue for the customer to benefit from value.

What is Product Discovery & Product Delivery?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Product Discovery and Delivery are crucial in Product Development. In Product Discovery, we identify additional opportunities. In Product Delivery, we test continuously together with the customer our implementation.

What Are Agile Product Roadmaps?

Reading Time: 5 minutes In the traditional way, a Product Roadmap states when and which functionality will be released. The Roadmap is aligned with business strategy and release dates. It is a kind of Roadmap, a long-term plan. Instead, an Agile Roadmap is more about communicating our product strategy than it is about communicating features and dates. However, important dates should and could be mentioned, the Roadmap is a statement of intent and direction. The Roadmap visions the certainty and uncertainty of the project/product evolution. It is not a Gantt-chart, or milestone table.

How To Kill Your Product Best — 6 Product Delivery Anti-Patterns

Reading Time: 4 minutes You can sabotage your product delivery by focusing on customer/user feedback over product vision, by changing given requirements or by adding new requirements too often. In delivering a product there are six well-known anti-patterns: Product Death Cycle, Product Build Trap, Feature Hell, Experience Rot, Scope Creep, and Feature Creep.

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