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"Drama Babe – Open your Customer’s Drama Stage"

Main Takeaways
Reading Time: < 1 minute Workshop "The Drama Game" at #WisP14, Belgium, 2014. “The Drama Game” is a Story Telling Game to identify stakeholders behaviours and hidden expectations. Playing the game in retrospectives creates shared understandings of events and incidents in the Product Development Life Cycle.

Customer Engagements by Story Telling

"Drama Babe – Open your Customer’s Drama Stage" – Tell your brand as a compelling story. Tell your product development as a compelling story. Motivate your employees with being part of this story. Engage your stakeholders with playing a character in this story. Involve your customers and clients with being a protagonist in this story. –  “The Drama Game”  is a Story Telling Game for retrospectives. Objective is to analyse conflicts and hidden and hidden expectations for incidents in your product development life cycle or brand development.

Hero Quest and Story Telling in Product/Brand Development

Play "The Drama Game" in retrospectives to uncover conflicts, hidden expectations, and frustrations in your product development and brand strategy by analysing crucial incidents in your development.

The roles of king, queen, prince, princess, dragon, wizard and others are avatars for the challenges your customers, stakeholders, and employees face in the real world. At the same time, the events happening in the world of fairy tales are metaphors for what takes place in real organisations:  succession issues, challenges, flashy conventions and glittering prizes, battles to be fought with competitors, etc.


Agile Game "The Drama Game" at #WisP14, Belgium, 06/2014. Discussing with the participants of my session gave me great improvements. Thx to all!