Slicing User Stories. Make the Customer Happy — The Good and the Bad Way

Reading Time: 5 minutes To make customers happy, we have to have a potentially shippable and executable Increment at the end of each Sprint. There are many ways to slice or split User Stories to accomplish this. Here are the Good and the Bad Ways to do it.

Don't Use Story Points for Billing & Procurement!

Reading Time: 5 minutes Story point estimates are relative and subjective, factoring in a team's unique blend of experience and skills. They shouldn't be used for procurement and billing. According to the Hawthorne effect, Story points-based procurement incentivizes the delivery of Story Points, not the value, and by manipulating them you can easily trick the system.

Some Thoughts on Agile Value-Driven Product Development

Reading Time: 37 minutes
Many companies show big misconceptions in using the notions of value and value-creation. Value is hard to measure. Instead of measuring the actual value, companies often tend to place proxies there.
However, the Agile Community, Agile Product Development, and Design Thinking use the term „Value-Driven Development“ frequently with a clear understanding of “value”. This interpretation differs dramatically from the traditional Value-Stream approach of Lean Manufacturing.

Value-driven development is an illusion as long as we are all trapped in different manifestations of the Feature Factory mindset and Project Thinking. As long as organisational silos between product management, design department, development department, marketing department, and supplier management are not broken down and all participants work together in a solution-oriented rather than product-oriented way Value-driven development is an illusion.

When we talk about Value-Driven Development we should be very sensitive to our background and the context we are talking about so that it does not become a new cargo cult.

Bundestagskandidaten 2021 erklären ihre Wahlprogramme mit Lego-Modellen

Reading Time: < 1 minute Eine ganz andere Anwendung von Lego Serious Play: Politik zum Anfassen. Ne, nicht die Politiker, sondern ihre Ideen. Die Wirtschaftsjunioren Rheinland-Pfalz haben nämlich für die Bundestagswahl 2021 zum gemeinsamen LEGO-Bauen eingeladen: Und verlangt wurde, dass was sich wahrscheinlich jeder Bürger von Politikern wünscht: Kreativität.

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The Agile Coach Game

Reading Time: 5 minutes The Agile Coach Game is murderous fun for Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, and Agile Teams. It is based on the game mechanics of Trial by Trolley™, Explosm LLC, and Skybound, a game of moral dilemmas and trolley murder. You are placed in the role of an agile coach deciding which of two teams shows a more dysfunctional behaviour. You can play the game in several variants being either a benevolent or severe coach. The important part is the discussion inside each team and later on the arguing with the coach. Here the learning takes place.

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