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Reading Time: < 1 minute The LEGO Continuous Integration game illustrates agile mindset and the benefits of Continuous Integration.

LEGO Continuous Integration game

With this game, you illustrate the benefits of using Continuous Integration in product development frequently. You divide the participants into teams between 4 and 8 people. Split each team in two groups: UP and BASE.

All teams have the same objective:

Build a cubicle with LEGO bricks according a given building instruction.

Challenge: The cube is divided in two "sub-systems": upper and base part.


For each team, group UP builds the upper part and group BASE the lower part of the cube.

Run the game in two rounds:

  1. Waterfall Way: all groups of each teams build their sub-system according their specification. The groups integrate the sub-systems when finished
  2. Continuous Integration: the groups build their sub-systems in iterations, performing integration at the end of each iteration.

Both rounds lead to the same goal: at the end of the round, the two subsystems fit together cleanly to create the final “system.”

However, the building description — the spec — contains a slight error. Which round will show it first?

Time to play: 45 – 60 min.



Gaming instructions:   LEGO Continuous Integration Game Manual (ThoughtWorks)




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