Lean Stack and Lean Canvas — Challenge your Business with Experiments

Reading Time: 3 minutes Lean Stack by Ash Maurya is a collection of tools, content, and coaching resources that help entrepreneurs succeed. It is an innovation accounting framework that supports you define, measure, and communicate progress with your internal and external stakeholders.

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Lean Change Canvas — How to Deliver Change Best

Reading Time: 8 minutes Lean Change Canvas combines Lean Stack thinking with Kotter's 8 Leading Steps for Change. It's a tool to realise organisational change fast and effectively by continuously proving small, minimum viable change increments with measurable experiments.

Business Model Canvas — How to Use It

Reading Time: 5 minutes The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management and entrepreneurial tool to reflect systematically on your business model. It allows you to describe, design, challenge, invent and pivot your business model. It allows you to view, reflect, and analyse your enterprise from 9 distinctive perspectives: Customer Segments and Relationships, Value Propositions, Distribution Channels, Revenue Streams, Key Resources, Key Activities, Key Partnerships, and Cost Structure.

Collective Story Harvesting

Reading Time: 3 minutes Collective Story Harvesting is a storytelling process to unveil multiple aspects, facets, and insights hidden deeply in the experiences of individuals, communities, teams or organisations. The process is about to sharpen the listening and to concentrate to certain pre-agreed details and topics in the story when it is told.

Dragon Dreaming

Reading Time: 4 minutes Dragon Dreaming is a participative, holistic, and highly structured method to realise creative, collaborative, and sustainable projects. It is based upon the principles of personal and group empowerment, win-win, consensus and commitment. The Australian John Croft developed Dragon Dreaming on the basis of system thinking and the wisdom of Australian aborigines.

Acting — Character Creation with Lego Serious Play and Moving Motivators

Reading Time: 3 minutes In rehearsals, the actors try together with the director to enter as deep as possible into the character he/she will present on stage. We did it with Lego Serious Play and Moving Motivators (Mgt3.0). I combined Lego Serious Play to model metaphorical the stage character role with Moving Motivators, a method from Management 3.0, to identify what motivates each individual character. The benefit of the approach: within only 2,5 hours we elaborated with 11 actors their complete role profile and each character's intrinsic motivations.

Agile Games

Reading Time: 2 minutes Agile Games are serious instruments to solve real business issues in management, product development and team building and other important areas. The term "agile" is more about delivering the highest business value as possible faster by focusing on people and continuous improvement. Agile Games are a set of collaborative workshop formats. They are moderation practice tools to facilitate innovation in the business world. Their focus is on teaching, demonstrating, or improving workplace behaviour and organisational effectiveness. They are ideal instruments for participants/players level, to share mutual understanding, and to make lessons stick best.

Moving Motivators

Reading Time: 4 minutes Moving Motivators is a card game to reflect on people's motivation and how it is affected by organisational change. The cards help to unveil and discuss ten intrinsic desires, which motivates people most. It is a metaphorical game to reflect on people's motivation and how this is affected by organisational change.

Dynamic Facilitation

Reading Time: 2 minutes Dynamic facilitation is a facilitation method for group discussions in a high emotionally supercharged environment. The method is grounded on the creativity and energy of a group without constraining it or to follow traditional, linear, moderation structures like agendas or exercises.

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