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Reading Time: 2 minutes The CMMI Model Foundation (CMF) is the common fundament of each so-called CMMI constellation. A CMMI constellation is an adoption of the CMMI model to a certain field of interest.

CMMI Constellation

The Capability Maturity Model Integration is a process framework to develop, optimise, and assess organisational processes.

Since version 1.2, the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) product family includes the concept of constellations. A constellation is a particular collection of process areas specifically chosen to help improve a given business need within the CMMI framework.

It is a set of CMMI components designed to meet the needs of a specific area of interest. A constellation can produce one or more related CMMI models — i.e. the published proven practices and related appraisal and training materials. With v1.2 three major areas of interest were focused: ((The People CMM (PCMM), which addresses managing and developing organisational workforces, stands apart from CMMI product suite v1.3.))

  • Product and service development: CMMI-DEV addresses product and service development processes.
  • Acquisition: CMMI-ACQ addresses supply chain management, acquisition, and outsourcing processes in government and industry.
  • Services: CMM-SVC  addresses guidance for delivering services within an organisation and to external customers.

CMMI constellations give a common approach to implement many Project Management, Organisational Process Management and Supporting process areas of work in an organisation.

These models/constellations were released as CMMI v. 1.3 in November 2010.


CMMI constellations








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