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Tools To Foster Team Building

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Reading Time: < 1 minute There are several tools available – online or offline, so to speak "physical objects" – to foster team building.

Tools To Foster Team Building

There are several tools available – online or offline, so to speak "physical objects" – to foster team building.

PiB Appreciation Card

Appreciation Cards, Kudo Wall And Kudo Box

Appreciation Cards – Kudo Cards – are written and public recognition of a colleague for something he or she has contributed to the team. But it’s the recognition of valued work, not financial incentives, that encourages intrinsic motivation within an organisation.


Glint is an app to forster employee engagement and to collect team feedback.
Smile For Happiness

Happiness Hacking 1 – Tools To Track Happiness On Project And Team Level

There are several tools available to facilitate, measure and visualize happiness on the project and team level.
Happy People Coworking

Happiness Hacking 2 – 30 Happiness Strategies To Try in the Workplace

Give people a smile by showing them your appreciation and recognition. Try to stay off from generic emails or general praise cards. They will cheapen the gesture and feel more like an obligation than proper recognition. There are several approaches and strategies to support and achieve people happiness at the workplace level.
Happiness Index

Happiness Index — How to Measure Something So Difficult To Catch

Employes, team members, rate frequently their (daily) happiness on a numeric scale (1–5). This rating is tracked on team or department level to visualize a team’s mood over time and to help teams and management to improve their happiness (Jeff Sutherland, ScrumInc; Hendriek Kniberg, Crisp).
Happiness Index Tools

Happiness Index Tools

Several tools were developed to facilitate, measure and visualize happiness on the project and team level. This post collects publicly available (free) online tools and methods to assess team happiness.
happy index

Happy Crisper Index

Happy Crisper Index is a free Google Spreadsheet calculate the happiness index for the well-known Swedish consultancy company CRISP in a team or a company throughout a project.


Happyforce is an app to collect team feedback.
Hand Assumps It Agree Agreement - Finger-wrestling

Levels of Commitment

Commitments are the fundaments of all collaboration. You are not alone in a certain task, challenge or endeavour if I commit myself to support, to assist, or to help you. If I refuse or withdraw my commitment you are maybe lost.
Giving and accepting commitment creates trust. I rely on your promise to be on a certain day for a certain time to support me. If you can't do this or do not show up I am disappointed. You are for me not a trustworthy person any longer. And all of a sudden commitment gets an ethical touch. Commitment is an act, not a
Mercury App

MercuryApp is an app to collect team feedback.
Niko Niko Jira by Designextech

Niko Calendar (Jira)

Team Happiness Report is an app to collect team feedback.
Niko-Niko Calendar

Niko-Niko Calender — Pros & Cons

A Niko-Niko calendar is a visual, iconic tool to track the mood of a team. You set up a calendar, and each team member tracks her mood after each working day with a smiley.
Niko Niko Win10

NikoNikoApp (Win10 Microsoft)

NikoNikoApp (Win10 Microsoft) is an app to collect team feedback.
Passing by.....

Pass or Check-out – Take Care, Show Responsibility

Do you are familiar with Death By Meetings?
As a dedicated disciple of the Core Protocols, you are generally positively inclined to everything you do.
Use the Personal Alignment protocol to identify what blocks you. – And it is your freedom and autonomy to Check-Out or to Pass whenever you think it is necessary.
Protocol Check

Protocol Check – Prevent Getting Hijacked

Use the Protocol Check to stop being hijacked. Use the Protocol Check when you believe someone misuses a core protocol or breaks a core commitment in any way.

Show With Minimal Effort Your Respect, Commitment, Engagement, And Concerns

Use this 6 linguistic triggers and 2 communication patterns to show with minimal effort your commitment, engagement, and concerns.

Six Rules To Give Rewards

In most organisations, recognition and financial reward go one for the other. This approach misses the point of recognition: people are motivated by more than money. Six rules by With Jurgen Appelo to give rewards and to increase people’s performance and enjoyment.
Team Dynamics Analytics

Team Dynamics Analytics (Jira)

Team Dynamics Analytics (Jira) is an app to collect team feedback.
Team Happiness Report

Team Happiness Report

Team Happiness Report is an app to collect team feedback.
Team Circle

The Core Protocols – Make Yourself And Your Team Great

Productive and high-performing teams need psychological safety. Jim and Michele McCarthy's Core Protocols are an instrument to ensure this safety. This set of practices enables people and teams to learn results-oriented behaviour, enter a state of shared vision and stay there focused, trust each other, stay rational and healthy, make decisions effectively, and keep moving toward the team’s goals. The Core Protocols are patterns of human behaviour to support teams in collaboration, communication, and commitment to the common goal. As rules and guidelines, they describe how to behave properly as a team, in meetings, and in interpersonal interactions. They are best practices
The Gruffelo

The Gruffalo Kudo - The Appreciation Challenge Cup

The Gruffalo is a metaphor for fear, dauntlessness, and the luck of the tiny ones when getting great by using their phantasy only. Use a soft toy as challenge cup to show your appreciation.
The Happiness Index

TheHappinessIndex is an app to collect team feedback.


TINYPulse is an app to collect team feedback.
Thank You

Tools To Show Your Appreciation

There are several tools available to give or facilitate appreciation. The range spans from techniques to moderate or facilitate workshops, to online services and physical objects to show recognition at the business place.
Appreciation card template: Appreciation CardGive your colleagues, co-workers, and friends a smile — give them appreciation! Use this free, printable Plays-In-Business appreciation card template.
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