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Founder of Plays-in-Business.com. Academic lecturer for Innovation Management and Design Thinking (Fresenius Univ. for Applied Science). Scrum Master and Agile Coach. Certified practitioner in LeSS, Scrum@Scale, and Agile Fluency Game / Agile Fluency Diagnostics. Certified facilitator for the Lego Seriuos Play method. Provisional accessor ISO 15504 (Automotive Spice).

Culture Hacking — The Essentials

Reading Time: 7 minutes Culture hacking at its best is about creating organisational or team cultures that enable people and teams to achieve greatness. A culture hack is a small change exploiting a single area where your culture is vulnerable to change. Hacks are small, emotional, immediate changes having big impacts. They are not quick fixes for "cultural deficiencies". It’s more about focusing on small things more frequently rather than only trying to tackle and change the big things.
Culture Hacking is a cornerstone of the startup scene and lean change management.

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Kanban – Whaa, I released a Monster! – 10 Recommendations

Reading Time: 6 minutes If you work in services or technology, your work is often times invisible and intangible. A Kanban board makes your work visible so you can show it to others and keep everyone on the same page. If you start with Kanban the first time you might be shocked by the monsters you create because the board shows relentlessly all the sh*t of your actual way of working. Don't panic and don't start improvement activities heedlessly. - 10 recommendations to prevent this pitfall.

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